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Unique Door Knobs

Say goodbye to boring door knobs

Vibrant - Rainbow Cafe's door knob

Boring no more. (Photo Credits)

Do you think that your home door knobs are just so plain and boring?

The Architectural Digest for instance featured unique door handles that will lend uniqueness and character to your home. Singapore Location

“Noting that doorknobs are often ‘the jewelry in a room,’ Suzanne Kasler sometimes likes to give them an unexpected finishing touch. The 1021 knob from Nanz offers plenty of room for experimentation, she says, because it can be ordered with inserts made of metal, wood, or a multitude of lacquered colors. ‘It looks beautiful in the metal finishes, but I love that it can also be lacquered any color,’ she says. ‘That detail of color would be such a special touch. You could do metal throughout the home and change to a lacquered color in just one room.’”

Watch the slide show here.

Just make it cozy

Crochetz.com meantime showed ways on how you can prettify the existing door knobs in your home.

“Cutest door knobs ever.”

Check it out here.

But if you want the most unique even amazing door know then you ought to see this door knob featured by Gizmodo. “You probably don’t spend much time thinking about door knobs, or how they could be improved. Maybe you should! This glass globe lets you catch a glimpse of what’s going on in the room you’re about to enter.”

Take a look at the door knob here.

How would you like to decorate your door knobs?



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