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How to Avoid a Home Invasion

Keep your home safe against burglars and thieves

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Burglars and thieves are aplenty, and the best way to avoid being victimized is arm the whole household with knowledge and necessary security equipment to keep a home safe from unscrupulous individuals.

Phoenix Real Estate Guy shared some tips to avoid a home invasion.

“To avoid a burglary or a robbery, I found some very common-sense ideas and some ideas that you might not think of every day. The list below is not in order of importance, it is just a random list of things to think about while keeping yourself, your home and your family safe.”

Read the tips here.

Avoiding Theft

The website Your East Texas also shared other ways to avoid burglars.

“In addition, to help avoid home invasion, Officer Martin recommends installing an alarm system as well as using security surveillance cameras.”

Check out the rest of the article here.

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Supreme Alarm meantime reminds homeowners that their Social Media Accounts may be putting them in target with the burglars.

“Most home burglaries tend to be planned ahead of time, with the victim’s home having been targeted and cased in advance. Burglars will cruise through a neighborhood looking for targets, scouting for evidence like piled up newspapers and mail, unkempt lawn, absence of cars, etc., that suggest a house is (or will be) empty. They’ll also target their victims remotely through social media channels, looking for clues that suggest a home will be unoccupied, such as a death in the family (knowing that the family members of the deceased will be away at the funeral) a business trip, or a vacation.”

Read more here.

What do you do to avoid burglars in your home?

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